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Consultancy and Design


No project is too big or too small for us.

We have been working as a CCTV consulting company since 1992. In addition to conducting seminars worldwide, we conduct project design and consultancy worldwide also.

Our experience, combined with our technical knowledge, allows us to offer a premium service for every customer type.

Our understanding of customer’s requirements, tender documentation of the highest order, detailed yet easy to understand system drawings, and assistance in choosing the best installers/integrators are our main strengths.

Some of our better known projects include:

- Darling Harbour, Sydney (1994) first use of Sony         CCTV cameras with MAX-1000

- Sydney Star Casino, (1997) first digital CCTV in  any casino

- Attorney Generals Dept of NSW, (1998) first DVR wavelet recording with 1TB total storage, innovative at the time)

- Sands Casino Macao, (2002) the first large scale digital matrix switching with 1200 cameras

- Sky City Darwin, (2008) first live switch of analogue matrix system to a digital network without downtime

- Apollonia Casino Macedonia, (2018) full upgrade from SD to full HD.

- Sydney Trains (2020) Standalone Carparks remote 4G connectivity (project through Indra).

CCTV Design

In our projects we use advanced drawing tools to best illustrate our design ideas. 

Our drawings speak more about the system itself than any descriptive document.

Whenever possible, in our 2D drawings we show system components as 3D models for easier and better understanding of the whole system, not just by technical people, but also by non-technical and decision making managers.

In our system drawings we put all the key details, including bandwidth requirements, cable type, physical appearance of the components,  their physical size relationship and location. We create all such components ourselves, always updating with the particular brand or model to reflect the real situation.

An installer or integrator does not require any other document to understand what was intended with the design.

We use 3D rendering software to show a scaled model of the precise coverage of cameras in a proposed camera position, including the calculated Pixel Density at all critical distances.

This gives the customer a very accurate representation of the proposed system coverage and its clarity. In these calculations we use our ViDiLabs calc app. 

We do not stop at the system design itself, but also offer customised control room design to suit a customer’s particular room layout.

For such a design, we take care of the OH&S aspects for the health and safety of the operators. We use the principle of Optimum Viewing distances, as explained in our books.

Designed by hand

This was Vlado Damjanovski’s very first CCTV camera design, from his very first job after University graduation in 1982.

He not only did the electronic design, prototyping and manufacturing, but also all of the electronic and mechanical assembly drawings as well. Of course, tube cameras were used at the time. 

All drawings were done by hand!

No computers, no CAD programs, as they didn’t exist at the time.

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