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Some of the things we offer:

* Provide high-level consultancy and design of modern IP CCTV systems.

* Perform testing and analysis of IP and CCTV products with reports, as necessary.

* Offer specialised test methods, test charts and applications to help evaluate systems quality. 

* We write books and booklets for training and articles, demystifying and explaining IP CCTV technologies.  

* Conduct international CCTV Seminars based on our four best-selling books.

* Produce online video training

* Assist Standards organisations and bodies in the development of Standards. 


Muhammad Iskandar, CPP, CCTP

Security at National Gallery, Singapore

“Always a pleasure to attend when Vlado Damjanovski is in town.  It's my second time attending. He has so much knowledge to impart and share

Tsoi Kennedy 

Senior Inspector, Computer Forensic Laboratory, Hong Kong Customs, Hong Kong 

"I came all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore, just to hear you and learn from you. Fantastic seminar, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." 

Ollencio D’Souza

Managing Director at TechnologyCare, Sydney, Australia

Vlado is a creative, technology aware and result driven engineer at the core and a dreamer, visionary and influencer at the general end of his participation in industry.  

He is a technical "text book" level author par excellence because his books on CCTV were on Amazon's best seller list and a must have for most industry operationally responsible staff.  

As a publisher he gave the industry focused articles that are still relevant today. 

As an inventor he provided quality video signal generation and measurement tools which became 

industry standard kit. 

As a person Vlado is ever ready to help anyone in need spending many hours to write and create the first Industry standard for CCTV in Australia which is recognised around the world taking him to the IEC 

where he participates in creating and enhancing international standards too.  

Vlado's popular "seminars" have taken him to many parts of the globe where he has trained many seasoned and up and coming industry participants resulting in the translation of his books into different languages to make the content accessible to a wide international audience.  

He is also a very honest, caring and trustworthy friend to have!

Murat Altuev, CEO

ITV/Axxon, Moscow, Russia

“Clearly knowledgeable and an expert in his field. 

I like all of his information that was presented and I would like to see another presentation by him.”  

Mark Edwards

General Manager ANZ, CSD, Australia

I have known Mr CCTV for over 30 years and he is a very respected, knowledgeable, industry professional that has contributed a tremendous amount to many, many people in the Australian Security Industry.  

Mr CCTV, Yoda of IP or just plain Vlado - a true professional and a gentleman.

Brad Ballesty

Senior Account Manager, NSW/ACT for Hikvision, Oceania

I have known Vlado for 20 years and not only is he one of the smartest people in our industry - but also one of the best. Even with his knowledge - which means he is in demand - he always has time to talk. A great combination of industry intelligence who is always approachable to assist in any way he can. I have no hesitation in recommending Vlado if you need information about the essence of surveillance - he knows it all.

Alan Ataev

Chief Sales and Marketing Offices at Axxonsoft, San Francisco, USA

I’m more than pleased to have an opportunity to say that Vlado has outstanding knowledge in our industry and I have always been impressed by his professionalism. I have started my journey with his amazing book ‘CCTV Networking and Digital Technology’ and very happy about it. 

Everyone, who interacts with Vlado is always blown away by his positive nature.

Tooma Chong

Director at Digifort Pty Ltd, Australia

Vlado is a standard man, a person with a strong sense of personal integrity who strives to make a positive difference to our industry.  He is also a true professional in his field who can teach in-depth knowledge where most of us are just happy to learn the basics, but his influence on me to understand the technology we are selling makes us a better person in providing the service our customers deserve, rather than just selling a product.

Thank you Vlado for your positive influence on me and the way I approach my business.

William f Bonar

Senior VP - International Business Development - Dallmeier Electronics Ltd

I have known Vlado for some 25 years and a true Pioneer of the CCTV industry and one of the very few who has not only survived its many changes but in fact flourished and constantly remained relevant and an awesome source of information and support.

Max Shumeyko

CEO at IPICA Software/, Russia

I remember the first time I met Vlado.  It was more than 13 years ago on his brilliant lecture on CCTV.  

Vlado signed my copy of his CCTV book. 

His lecture and his CCTV book helped me to make my decision to start CCTV Design software business.  

And Vlado continues to generate ideas. 

I really like CCTV test charts of ViDi labs. We included Vlado's test charts into IP Video System Design Tool.  

His lectures constantly bring fresh CCTV related topics. 

I recommend Vlado to clients who need a professional CCTV consultant.

Sean Borg

Regional Head of Sales (ANZ) at AnyVision, Sydney, Australia

I have known Vlado for over 20 years as a colleague in the electronic security industry. Vlado to me is one of those true north references of the workings of technologies. At a time where relevant technology knowledge appears to be substituted with plug and play  economics, Vlado is still the "go-to" when deeper understanding is required and to that point, a valued technology mentor of mine. Vlado has maintained his relevance to the industry from the days of tube cameras, the introduction to CCD/CMOS chips to digital&IP and now towards the emerging complimenting technologies of AI.  Vlado has always maintained a humble and neutral demeanour, always there to assist those in the industry trying to improve themselves. 

I value Vlado as wise council to the electronic security industry globally.

Derek Barratt-Thompson JP, 

Retirement Manager at Domestic Activities, Sydney, Australia

Vlado has been a work colleague and great friend for more years now than I care to mention.

We spent years working together and on my part, even after my many years in the industry, learnt much from Vlado. Vlado is a wealth of knowledge, technical understanding and know how, always willing to pass on his knowledge to those of us prepared to listen.

A great guy, and long time friend I miss our time working together now I am retired.

Bill Nolan

Managing Director at Sensing Pty Ltd, Australia

Vlado is one of the original pioneers of the CCTV Industry.

As a product developer I can say that Vlado has always had constructive comments from his deep understanding of this technology. His advice over the years has been invaluable and I wish him success in the future.

Bryan de Caires

CEO, ASIAL, Australia

Having known Vlado for well over a decade I can attest to his exceptional expertise in the CCTV field and to his ongoing commitment to developing industry standards.

Paul Graves

NSW Lead Security Consultant at Jacobs, Sydney, Australia

I have known Vlado for many years and there are very few CCTV subject matter experts with his knowledge and experience.

Cahn McGreal

BDM - Rutledge AV, Brisbane, Australia

It seems like yesterday when a very pleasant man called into the Vamarc office which specialised in CCTV. …

Thanks to Vlado we were able to secure many projects together and Vlado was able to teach me how to calculate camera angles and distances. Vlado and I  were involved in the most cutting edge projects in consultancy and in the design & installation of CCTV systems for Government, Sydney Maritime and very high profile companies together. 

I have the utmost respect for Vlado’s work ethic, attention to detail and dedication while working with me. 

Thank you Vlado for imparting so much knowledge that put me on the right track in the CCTV industry.

Hwee Fong Yong, BCCS, CIRM, FSM, APP

Safety and Security, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

“A highly recommended course that I hope to attend if it were to come back to Singapore next year”

Endro Sunarso

Manager - Threat Management (SE Asia), AIP Risk Consulting, Singapore

“It was certainly an eye opener. Will be glad to join other seminars that you conduct. Pls let me know.”

Richard Cook

Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia

“Vlado is obviously at the high end of technical knowledge. He also explained it in terms understandable to the lay person.”  

Dex Yan, CPP, MBA, 

Depute Director at SP Group, Singapore 

"I attended one important Physics lesson today. From the concept of SI units of measurement to the spectrum of wavelength, I struggled to recall many of these ideas which I learnt many years ago during my school days. 

Back then, the drive for learning and understanding Physics was to pass my exam :). 

Today, I was convinced by Vlado Damjanovski (founder of ViDi Labs) that understanding Physics is the key to comprehending CCTV and its application. I look forward to the Day 2 program tomorrow." 

Tony Casusceli  

VTS, Australia 

“In these two days I learned and understood everything that Vlado has been telling me in the past few years while he was helping me on various projects.”  

Shane Cooper 

Bluescope Steel, Australia 

“Thank you - an excellent presentation. I learned a lot and Vlado’s presentation filled a lot of gaps.”  


Sands Casino, Macau 

“Very dry subject matter that was presented in a very engaging interesting way. Very impressed with his knowledge level.”  

Martin Fernandez 

VTS QLD, Australia 

"Vlado Damjanovski is the man." 

“This guy knows his stuff!”  

From the SDA at the  University of Nevada 

Las Vegas, US

“Vlado was awesome! I did learn from him this week and will take what I learned and share it.”  

From the SDA at the  University of Nevada 

Las Vegas, US

“All aspects very well done & I am not very technical. Vlado made this topic very easy to understand and comprehend. I can use all this information in my casino - thanks.”  

From the SDA at the  University of Nevada  

Las Vegas, US


Advent Electromagnetic Technologies, Tamilnadu-India 

“Congratulations to Mr.Vlado Damjanovski and his team for presenting a fine gift to the CCTV Industry. Let this be the milestone for the growth of the Industry and the meeting ground for CCTV professionals around the world. 

We once again wish to thank Mr.Vlado Damjanovski whose dream has made this possible.” 

Len Owen , B.A., 

Special Constable, Saskatoon , CANADA 

“I would like to say I have a copy of Vlado's book and the magazine which I have found to be an excellent reference source.” 

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