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With over 38 years of professional experience, Vlado Damjanovski is one of the world’s foremost experts and authorities on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

He is an author, inventor, lecturer, App designer and imaging specialist based in Adelaide, South Australia, and he is well known to the International CCTV industry.

Through his company, ViDi Labs, he provides training, consultancy, design, product testing, writing and publishing. Vlado has an honours degree in Electronics Engineering from the University “Кирил и Методиј” in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia), specialising in Broadcast TV and CCTV. His 1982 thesis on the subject of Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD) preempted their wide commercial use by ten years.

In 1995 Vlado published his first technical reference book - simply called 'CCTV'. This was, and still is, one of the first and complete reference manuals on the subject of CCTV. Covering all that a CCTV expert, installer and consultant should require, this book was accepted and approved by the international industry. Now in its 4th edition and translated into four languages, Vlado's book continues to have a 5-star rating. The last edition is titled 'CCTV - from light to pixels’ and it is translated into multiple languages, including German, Russian, Korean and Farsi.

Utilising his best-seller books Vlado conducts easy-to-understand CCTV training seminars. He demystifies and explains all the tricks and technologies of the CCTV industry. These seminars are conducted worldwide (

In his capacity as consultant, Vlado has designed and commissioned a number of CCTV systems around Australia and overseas. These include large-scale projects such as the Darling Harbour CCTV system, the Downing Centre CCTV system and the Sydney City Council system. In 1997 Vlado was the consultant and designer for the Star City Casino Pit-Cam CCTV system, one of the very first digital CCTV systems in the world using digital recorders.

Vlado was the chief editor and publisher of the foregone magazine 'CCTV Focus’. This magazine was launched at the International Security Conference (ISC) in New York, August 1999. 'CCTV Focus' became the leading technical magazine for the CCTV industry.

Vlado was the main contributor to the development of the Australian and New Zealand CCTV Standards (AS4806.1, AS4806.2 and AS4806.3).

Through his company, Vlado designs and offers many specialised tools for the industry. These tools include Programmable Test Pattern Generators, Camera Analysers, CCTV Test charts, ViDiLabs iOS calculator App, system drawings icons and tools, etc.

Due to the latest Covid restrictions, Vlado recently started an online IP CCTV seminars teaching all the material from his books and his latest work on the new standards.

In addition to regular consulting work, and teaching at his seminars, Vlado continually writes for the industry magazines and presents at various conferences. In addition, Vlado is an active member of IEC TC-79 group contributing towards the international standards development of 62676 standards for the IP CCTV and VSS.

Vlado is also known for his amateur photographic work having exhibited in Europe and Australia. Vlado has also had his photographic work published in magazines and books and has won numerous awards (visit Poems with Pixels).

ViDi Labs is committed to assisting you in making the most of your IP CCTV and Digital Imaging projects.

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